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Contact our firm`s lawyers today for help with the following legal matters: At Winslow Law Group, we strive to provide affordable and efficient legal services of the highest quality. We are proud that virtually all of our new customers come to us through recommendations from our colleagues or current and past customers. If you need or expect legal assistance, contact Winslow Law Group to find out why our clients continue to trust us in times of legal need and repeatedly refer their friends and family to our offices. Each case requires individual attention. Some require aggressive litigation, while others only calm negotiations. In all cases, Mr. Winslow strives to offer his clients an individualized approach that takes into account their legal, emotional and personal needs. Winslow Law, LLC lawyers are dedicated to helping individuals, families, and businesses with all the legal services they need. Our firm`s goal is to build lasting relationships with our clients while supporting them in difficult legal situations and fighting for them every step of the way. With 37 years of litigation experience, Mr. Winslow has represented plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of civil actions and litigation. His main focus was on helping the « little guy » and his loved ones to be treated fairly and to be able to assert their legal rights. Winslow Law Firm has represented clients throughout California.

For the plaintiff`s claims, Mr. Winslow offers his services on a contingency fee basis. In other cases, Mr. Winslow charges hourly fees depending on the nature of the claim. Our goal is to focus on the individual needs of our clients while providing the highest quality legal services. The Winslow, McCurry & MacCormac team is made up of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals who always make you, the client, our top priority. We understand that every legal situation is unique, which is why we take care of your case by giving it the personal attention it deserves. Our DUI defense attorneys thoroughly analyze every aspect of your case, gathering evidence on your behalf and taking care of every detail, from interviewing witnesses and police officers to assisting with medical treatment. We pride ourselves on providing honest and aggressive representation to our clients in the Richmond community.

Whether you`re someone looking for help filing for divorce or a company looking for help drafting an employment contract, count on us to protect your rights. At any time, we may be faced with a difficult situation that requires the assistance of an experienced lawyer. Whether it`s a car accident, breach of contract, or real estate transaction, it`s important to know your rights and make sure they`re protected. If you or a loved one needs legal advice in Richmond, VA, count on Winslow, McCurry & MacCormac, PLLC to help you get justice. Our DUI defense attorneys are qualified in a wide range of practice areas, including personal injury, criminal defense, family law, and bankruptcy, helping you outdo your legal position quickly and with the best possible outcome. Learn more about how we can help. Please contact us today to make an appointment. Personal injuries are covered on a contingency fee basis. Real Estate Law / Real Estate LawGeneral Civil ProceduresBusiness Law / Corporate LawCollateral Agent / Trust Funds and AssetsWills – Succession Rights of creditors and debtors / debt collection Head injury Wrongful death Car accident / illegal death Motor vehicle collision Civil liability / head injury Full-service law firm, including business, estate, impaired driving and divorce Legal representation throughout Richmond, VA Our law firms have lawyers who serve Horry County, Georgetown County and the entire Grand Strand, which includes: Little River, Conway, Myrtle Beach, Surfside Beach, Garden City, Murrells Inlet and the historic town of Georgetown, in South Carolina, in addition to the entire United States of America. We can help those who may have been negatively affected by a major brand, manufacturer or company.

WE ARE A DYNAMIC AND ENTREPRENEURIAL LAW FIRM WITH OFFICES IN SEATTLE AND BAINBRIDGE ISLAND We have a wide range of legal areas including civil litigation, commercial litigation, commercial litigation, estate planning, birth injuries, commercial law, criminal defense, family law, insurance litigation, maritime law, medical malpractice, personal injury, product liability, real estate and trademarks. We focus on general civil litigation in connection with commercial and commercial litigation. Click here for an up-to-date schedule for boats between Seattle and Bainbridge Island. We have done some research for a lawyer and we are very happy with our choice of Sarah McCurry. She asked everyone. [more] We work in civil matters, commercial agreements, family disputes and defense of your rights. We have the experience and training to successfully handle cases in East Coast courtrooms and courts. Greg Winslow is like divine intervention. If your belief system contradicts this statement, once you have worked with this dedicated and special man, you will say, « Thank God he was there! » I personally thank him every day for his dedication, dedication and unwavering trust. Who`s there? Thank you for giving us, Greg. – Saundra S. It is important to know that you have the right to claim damages from the negligent party.